Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Party

PhotobucketHappy Easter!

PhotobucketBrock cooked 20 lbs of chicken. It took 2 grills to cook it all!

PhotobucketYummy food!


Photobucket21 people came to the party

PhotobucketArts and crafts time when everyone wrote their names on the bag that they'd use for the Easter egg hunt.

PhotobucketThe big Easter egg hunt on our big yard.

PhotobucketJacob ended up finding the real egg (which Brock spray paints to look like the other plastic ones), but he accidentally broke it in his bag. He won the hunt, by the way.

PhotobucketIn certain eggs, we placed numbers. According to the numbers, you had to do certain tasks. These two had to arm wrestle.

PhotobucketThis guy had to paint the other guys toenails.

PhotobucketOne girl had to pass her phone to Brock who scrolled through her phone contacts without her looking. When she said "stop" he called the person who's number he was on at the time. It was funny!

PhotobucketLindsey had to spoon feed Stephanie a dessert.

PhotobucketLindsey had to put make-up on Jonathon.

PhotobucketShannon had to slow dance to one song with Shane.

It was so fun! Also, we raised money for the children in the Congo who are being forced into the Rebel army. Learn more about it at


Amber said...

You guy's are AWESOME! Thank You for hosting parties with a purpose, I wish I could come!