Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show at ETBU

It was so surreal last night and yesterday. We performed in the chapel where I went hundreds of times while in college. ETBU in Marshall, TX was where Brock and I met. It held many memories for us. The funny thing about college is that nobody stays. You go there for 4 or 5 or however many years and then you leave. Therefore, we only knew a few people whom were still there. It was great to see them, though.

The missionaries living on campus were great friends of mine. She was my roommate back then. I got to meet her two children. There were some other friends and staff that we knew in Marshall. It was very interesting. I am at a loss for words to describe everything that went through my mind and the emotions I felt while being there on the campus that used to be so familiar to me.

Brock performed in chapel yesterday morning (every student must go to chapel every Wednesday and Friday morning), and he entered the building on his dirt bike. He was loving that! He rode up onstage and paused for a minute. Then, he said, "Welcome to chapel." I know they were thinking that this was not going to be a typical chapel service. He did a few more illusions and shared some of our journey over the last 11 years or so. It was cool.

The show itself went really well last night! We introduced a new show. Usually, new shows don't go very smoothly for us. This one did, so I was pleased.


Barbara said...

This show was funny. hahahaha full of memories and stories.
The respond of the people was great! That's cool =)