Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We got home at 4:30pm Sunday night, and Brock and Barbara and me ran over to a couple of Super Bowl parties. Barbara had never been to a Super Bowl party (it's not a big deal in Mexico like it is here). She thought it was funny how we got together to "watch" the Super Bowl, but we really just talked and hung out the whole time. There was not much watching going on.

Yesterday, we had our meeting with John in the morning. After he left, we sat down for lunch. Just then, our friend, Joy from Australia, came over to get her notebook that she'd left at our house last weekend. She had lunch with us. We had such a good time that she decided to come over for dinner as well. Joy wanted to cook that meal (she's a good cook).

By the time she came over for supper, it had begun to snow a lot. Barbara was taking videos and pictures. She'd never seen that much snow before! We ate the wonderful meal Joy had prepared and watched a movie. What a great day with our multicultural friends!


Anonymous said...

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Barbara said...

The snow was BEAUTIFUL! I really loved it!
I enjoy the super and Joy's company. She is cool and nice. That definitely was a good night.

Barbara said...


Joy Argow said...

The company was beautiful too!