Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Very Nashville Day

Yesterday was what I call a very Nashville day. Adam the lead singer of Stellar Kart came over for lunch. He lives just down the street and was trying to catch up with us before he left for tour with BarlowGirl. It was good to see him and hang out.

Then, we went to the Re:Create conference going on in town and saw a concert by Big Tent Revival. This was the first time they had performed together in about 10 years. I expected them to be so out of practice and not in sync. Wow, was that not the case! They never missed a beat literally. They sounded as if no time had lapsed much less 10 years!

We have a couple of friends in the band, but had met them after they played in Big Tent. It was cool to see a part of their lives that we had not really known. We were impressed to say the least!


Barbara said...

That was really awesome!! they really played so good!!
The one in the guitar, was so good! It was weird, because it was like seeing my uncle playing almost like Santa Ana hahaha
That was good!