Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show in Springdale, AR

We have performed in Springdale, AR on a Sunday morning for the last 3 years. I normally don't enjoy doing a magic show on Sunday mornings because it's so difficult to get the crowd involved and having fun. I don't mind it so much in Springdale, because I know that is when they can get the most visitors in attendance.

This last Sunday was no exception. The place was packed. Whenever Brock gave the gospel, I noticed many senior high guys respond. When this happens, I really love it! Sometimes, I wonder if people are really serious about Jesus when they say they are ready to follow Christ. However, when senior high boys respond, I know they are not doing it for show. I later found out that there were 10 guys from a troubled boys home whom gave their lives to Jesus Sunday. This is what it's all about!

We have two shows in Marshall, TX at the college Brock and I graduated from tomorrow. Pray that they go great!