Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Parties and Going Away Parties

Last week, we celebrated Stephanie's birthday in polka dots. That was the theme. I think that I took the prize on being the most polka dotted!Photobucket

Last night, after our Bible study session, Lindsey and I slipped downstairs and began setting up for a surprise birthday party for Sherri and a surprise going away party for Barbara. We set up half elegant birthday decorations and half fiesta decorations.Photobucket
I had told Sherri about Barbara's party and Barbara about Sherri's party. Therefore, it did not matter that it was rather obvious we were doing something downstairs because each of them thought it was for the other. I also put each one in charge of making sure the other stayed upstairs until I was ready for them to come down. I must admit, it was a pretty good plan. They were both surprised!PhotobucketThis was Barbara saying, "For me???"
PhotobucketThen, Sherri went right around the table to join us in saying surprise before she realized it was for her too!


kylajoyful said...

haha. that was an AWESOME plan. I love it. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

You really outdid yourself on cleverness on this one. Grand idea and it looks like so much fun. Please tell Barbara goodbye for us. It was so great to meet her and we hope to see her again really soon. We fell in love with her.

Gi and Papa :)

Haley said...

A. Love the polka dots. No one can ever blame you or Brock for "under-doing" anything. :)

B. Sad that Barbara is leaving. :( I know you guys are going to miss her.

Barbara said...

The pleasure was mine!! I really hope we can see each other again!
Thank you for everything! =)

And the plan it was really awesome. I had noooo idea!
Thanks for the surprise! It was a nice goodbye.

Amber said...

You DEFINITELY take the Polka Dot Cake, Auny:)