Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Local Shows

We had a show in Murfreesboro, TN, which is only about a 35 minute drive from our house, Friday night. It was great to go such a short distance, do the show, and drive home. The only problem was that the show began at 10pm. Therefore, we did not get home until after 1am. The show went great, though.

Last night, we did a show in Nashville with Nathan Lee. We held it in his warehouse. It was great! There were so many different people in attendance that we don't usually get to hang out with. Brock's massage therapist came to the show, and some people from church whom we would like to get to know better. Even our pastor came to the show! Also there were local business owners and such whom never go to church in the audience. It was a blast for me! We stayed and hung out until midnight! Two late nights, but it was worth it!


Anonymous said...

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