Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Very Bad Financial Day

Last Tuesday was a killer! We had one truck in the shop and the other one we had left in town. So, we decided to take our motorcycle. It would not start. Then, we called John whom was at the shop with the truck. He told us that we could take his car, but the ac had gone out in our new truck. Oh no! That's over $1,000.

Then, we went to town, and a few minutes later found out that our hot water heater in our house had busted right then. We picked up a new one and had a guy come out and replace it. Then, we got another phone call. This was the dreaded was from our tax guy. It was way worse than we thought. He informed us that we owe a lot of money in taxes this year because of, well, it's a long story.

Brock and I almost laughed at all of the things that had gone wrong. Later, I went to turn the TV on to try and escape a little in the mindless world of funny sitcoms, and the TV would not come to a full picture. This had been happening on and off, but if you hit it, it would work again. This time when I hit it, the TV actually shut off and began to sizzle. I was guessing that was not good, so I turned it off in case it caught on fire. That TV was toast!