Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Party

There were 26 of us at the party yesterday. It was fun. We had some great food. Then, we prayed for a church in Florida and their efforts to purify the water in Peru and Africa. They are able to provide these water purification systems to towns for $400 a piece. We were able to buy at least one for them.

Then, we had our traditional Easter egg hunt. Two people got real eggs and they got a special chocolate bar. The plastic eggs counted as one point. In some of the eggs was a piece of paper with a challenge on it. If they did the challenge, they would get 5 extra points. It was fun! (Videos to come.)

The best part about the whole day was when we prayed over Jenna, our friend whom recently had brain surgery. First of all, I could not believe that she was able to come! Secondly, God is doing a mighty work in her through all of this. We went to pray for her, and she asked if we could pray for this little girl with cancer whom she saw in the newspaper and felt drawn to. She is amazing!

As we prayed over her, I could feel the sweet presence of the Lord fall down over all of us gathered. I, personally, was feeling very tired and drained...mainly because of my foot (more on that later). Usually, I feel so much power when I pray. Recently I have not felt that. As we prayed for Jenna, I just felt useless in my prayer. Then, I heard the gentle whisper of my Lord, "In your weakness I am strong." It sent shivers down my spine. It did not matter how I felt, the Lord was strong and present right there on our back porch!


Rei said...

Glad you had an awesome and meaningful Easter. May God continue to bless you!