Thursday, October 07, 2010

Big Weekend in San Antonio

Well, it's already begun. We are doing a big outreach here in San Antonio. The minute we got here, I pulled a muscle in my back trying to get our big suitcase out of the truck. I have strained a muscle in my back a couple times in the last month. However, it's never been as bad as last night. I think I am trying to compensate for Brock's back not being completely healed up yet. I've been lifting objects too heavy for me. Anyway, it made the 3 shows we did today very difficult. We have another 3 shows tomorrow.

Then, I was putting together our new backdrop and one of the poles flew up into my face! It hit my front tooth chipping it slightly. It's not very noticeable, but I can tell.

We have 7 more shows here, and I am excited about it. They had a really good prayer night about it Wednesday. Often, we experience opposition at big outreaches like this. Therefore, I consider having a rough day physically as evidence of the wonderful things God wants to do spiritually in this community. Pray that the Lord will protect us from Satan's attack and that He will do a mighty work here. I will tell you how all of the shows went later.