Monday, October 11, 2010

Invitation in San Antonio

I will remember last night forever! Brock had just given the crowd of 1,700 a beautiful invitation to follow Christ. He asked the ones who wanted to do that to exit the building to talk with some people from the church about it. The room in which the people were going to was backstage, so they had to walk right past me to get there. They began pouring out of the room! As they stood to receive Jesus into their lives, the people remaining in the audience began clapping, and cheering, and shouting for joy! It took a whole 5 minutes for everyone to file out, and the crowd continued to clap and cheer the entire time. I feel like I got a glimpse of what goes on in heaven when someone surrenders their life over to the Lord.

I could not stop the tears. It had been a big week...15 shows and travel back and forth to Texas. I was very tired, but all of that was forgotten as I watched the Lord changing people's lives right there in front of my eyes!

Castle Hills First Baptist Church has been so amazing this week! They were so helpful and I could feel the prayers. We all linked arms together and reached out to this community in the San Antonio area to show God's love to them. It was a sight to see. I will share testimonies with you later.


Anonymous said...

unforgettable weekend

we make a good team.
we gotta do that again