Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman, the author of "The Five Love Languages," and his wife were on the cruise. We really connected with them, because Brock reminded them so much of their son. We were all waiting for the bus to take us to the airport when the bus broke down. This is the conversation we had with Gary Chapman and his wife:
Brock: "We could hitchhike."
Mrs. Chapman: "Does anyone pick up hitchhikers anymore?"
Brock: "I do every now and then."
Mrs. Chapman: "That doesn't surprise me because it sounds just like my son. One time, I called him when he lived in Michigan by himself and a guy named George answered. When my son got on the phone, I asked him, 'Who is George?' He said, 'Mom, it's 9 degrees here and George is one of my street friends. I could not leave him out in this cold weather.'"
Me: "Brock had a homeless man stay with him in his dorm room when he was in college."
Brock: "Only for a semester."
All four of us laughed.


Anonymous said...

I remember the night Brock and some of his buddies were coming home for the weekend from college--Brock was doing a show in Lake Charles. Brock was very deliberately first in line to enter the door. As he did he just mumbled under his breath that he had an extra "friend." The last person who waltzed in the door was grinning from ear to ear as if nothing was out of the ordinary. We ate dinner (and wow, did he know how to eat!) After dinner I finally got Brock alone and asked who his "friend" was. He said they picked him up on the interstate where he was hitchhiking. He was juggling as he walked along the interstate--which Brock and Brian decided must be a "sign from God" since Brian also could juggle. He spent the night with us and we took him to the bus station in Lake Charles the next day (which put him an hour closer to New Orleans) where he was going to hang out until the weather cleared enough for him to begin his hitchhiking trek on to the Big Easy. On the way to the bus station we were able to witness to him. Andrew did not accept the Lord that night, but he said he had a lot to think about.

Never a dull moment with Brock around! :)