Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to Las Vegas

We go to Las Vegas every now and then to be inspired for our show. It is the live show capitol of the world. We watch all kinds of shows and learn from them. Brock attends magic conferences there as well. This was the case last week. We went to Vegas in order for Brock to attend a conference. I went to see several shows. This was what my day looked like. I would wake up, go running for 30 minutes on the strip, go jump in the pool at the hotel, get ready back in the room, go walk 30 minutes to see a show, walk another 30 minutes to meet Brock at some attraction on the strip after his conference, walk another 30 minutes back to our hotel. I figure I spent at least 2 hours a day just walking. Most of it I did alone.

I know this sounds strange, but I tend to feel close to the Lord in Vegas. Maybe it’s because every worldly temptation is at your fingertips there. Instead of luring me into the temptations, it makes me run the other way toward the Lord. I pray the entire time I am walking. Talk about prayer walking, the Vegas strip is the ultimate place to do it. Everyone seems to have a story there. They are desperate for money and decided to put it all on black. They are young and trying to have “a little fun.” They are there on a business trip and are trying to move up in the company. They are getting married and decide to elope to Vegas instead of being married in a church in front of friends and family. There are so many stories, so many lives, so many prayer needs. Sometimes I find out their story, other times I don’t. Next post, I will tell you the story of a girl I met while I was there.