Sunday, October 17, 2010


The guys who put on Christian cruises asked if we could come and help out with one. We said, "Sure!" So, last Monday, we flew into Cozumel, Mexico and jumped on the ship. It was a fun cruise. We did not have to do a show, we simply had to make sure everyone was doing well and try to answer their questions.

About 350 people on the cruise were attending a conference for marriage counselors, and these were the people who we were helping out. The speakers there were Gary Chapman, Gary Smalley, Dan Seimore, and others. I sat in on some of the sessions and found it interesting.

The first night, they had a reception for the leaders of the conference. We all got there right after dinner. They had some food present, but we were all so full from dinner. There really was not anything to do, so we were sorta sitting in a circle looking at each other. Then, Gary Chapman's wife, who is funny, said, "Who are these two? We don't know them," pointing at us. Roy, the leader of the cruise introduced us and asked if Brock could show the group something. He brought that party to life with some card tricks and other bonding stuff. It was fun! I will show you pictures from the cruise later.