Friday, October 01, 2010

Crazy Schedule

Pray for all of our shows coming up this week. Here is the schedule:
Fri-drive 11 hours to TX
Sat-2 hour show in Colleyville, TX
Sun-2 am shows in Colleyville, TX then fly home
Mon-drive 4 hours to Knoxville, TN and perform a show for Chic-fil-a
Tues-drive 3 hours to Chattanooga, TN and perform another show for Chic-fil-a
Wed-Fly back to Dallas and drive to San Antonio, TX
Thurs-perform 3 school assemblies in San Antonio
Fri-perform 2 school assemblies and one big show that night
Sat-perform our first Date Night
Sun-perform twice in the am service and a big show that night in San Antonio

It's going to be a big week...15 shows!


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