Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brock's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, Brock's birthday went perfectly. First, he went to his weekly meeting with a group of guys. There, he had some multi-grain pancakes. Then, we stopped by a friend's office downtown. After that, we went to lunch at Brock's favorite place in Franklin, Genie's Persian Palace. The owner of the place, Mo, is great. He's the nicest man welcoming. Brock loves this one kind of dessert he makes called Halvah. Mo had just made some for his father-in-law. However, when he heard it was Brock's birthday, he gave it to Brock instead.

After that, Brock had an hour and a half massage. He said that it was the best ever. We then went to see the movie "Yes Man." It was fun. All day, I kept telling Brock that I was excited about where I was taking him for dinner. Also, he was under the impression that everyone was going to be out of town. So, next, I made him close his eyes and took him to the Cocoa Tree. The funny part was that, usually, the street of the Cocoa Tree is very quiet on a Tuesday night. Last night, they happened to be filming a Taylor Swift video. With Brock's eyes closed, I led him down the street (a good ways because you couldn't park on the street like you usually could). As we passed the crew working on the video, Brock could hear people talking and he said, "Shhh!" It was funny.

I led him into the Cocoa Tree and told him to open his eyes. There stood about 15 of our friends. So, we had dessert first. We hung out, and Brock opened gifts, and we played games right there in the Cocoa Tree. When it closed at 8pm, everyone had to leave to get ready to go, because in fact, they are all leaving town today. Brock and I ate at a wonderful restaurant that we'd never tried before. Then, we came home and sat by the fire. What a wonderful day!


Haley Frederick said...

How fun!

Sarahbeth said...

That sounds like he had a good b-day! And that is hilarious about the taylor swift thing. ~Sarahbeth age 13