Monday, January 05, 2009

Alone Time

Brock went to the arenacross this weekend to race his dirt bike. I stayed home which was really good for me. Brock can be with people 24/7. I can be with people for weeks at a time, but I have my limits. After being with family all week and then doing several shows in a row, a little alone time was perfect.

So, I had my whole weekend planned. I would just veg out for two days. However, (I always do this) by 3pm on Friday, I was missing people. Therefore, I decided to go into town and go to my friend, Lindey's, art show. She was raising money for her 6 month mission trip that she is about to go on. That was great to go there. Plus, I stayed at my friends' house Saturday night. It was just right...alone time and girl time.

I'm so glad that Brock is home now, though. I missed that boy.