Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My First Birthday Wish of the Day

My birthday began for me at 3:20am last Thursday. I woke to the sounds of Brian snoring---very loudly! We split a room with Brian and Stephanie Wednesday night because the rooms were so expensive in Miami. To remedy the situation, I got out my ipod and my new noise cancelling headphones that mom and dad had given me for my birthday. I wanted to listen to something soft, so I listened to worship music.

I've got to tell was one of the sweetest worship experiences that I've ever had. First of all, I could feel the Lord whispering, "Happy birthday," and telling me how special I am to Him. Second, I felt like I could imagine His kingdom and heaven more than ever before. I was in that state in between reality and dreamland. When the song stated, "This is my song to the King," I could picture myself standing there in front of the throne with nothing much to offer but a song of praise to my King. Still, I could feel the pleasure the Lord received from my puny little song at 3 something in the morning in a Miami hotel room.

My first birthday wish was from the King of Kings. What a special time!


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, the only birthday wish that we should really desire!

Chad and Rebecca said...

Wow! Great post!