Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alaska Stories

I showed you pictures and videos from Alaska, but I didn't tell you some of the stories from there. Some of the funniest things happened on Sunday. We were at this big church in Anchorage. Sunday morning, it was televised. Brock was supposed to do a little trick and encourage people to come back that night. The church was very traditional and the music guy was anal and sort of a cut up all at the same time (you know people that way). The youth pastor dared Brock to put on one of the choir robes and go out with the choir. Brock didn't stop and think about it, he ran back to grab a robe.

I'm sitting up in the sound booth when the curtain goes up to reveal a big choir singing onstage and who is with them but Brock! He was standing on the woman's side singing in a robe. Brock said that the choir director noticed immediately and cracked up! At one point, the camera guys put the camera on him. Then, the preacher introduced Brock for his segment and he simply came from the choir loft and did his thing. He told everyone that he must have got in the wrong line because everyone around him was putting on these robes and going onstage.

Then, Sunday night during the show, Brock went out in the crowd and began messing with this older lady. He got right up in her face and asked her a question. She didn't respond and Brock was thrown completely off (even though nobody knew that he was thrown off). The reason he was thrown for a loop is because he realized that the lady was really a man in drag. Out of 1,000 people, he had to go up to the only drag queen and single him out! That was a first for sure!

Pray for our show tonight in Byron, GA.


Chad and Rebecca said...

How funny! I really liked the part of him getting in the wrong line. He is such a quick thinker.

Amanda said...

Wow! That is funny! I'm loving that magentaish choir robe!

Michawn said...

OH how funny!! and i totally agree rebecca, he has always been such a quick thinker. so funny to think that that quick wit that was very evident when he was a boy, God put it there with magic shows in mind. amazing. fun. thanks for sharing.

Mom in Shepherd said...

I am laughing out loud. That picture is hilarious and the story is even funnier. Loved it.

Teresa (in GA) said...

Too funny! I'd love to see the video of him in the choir!