Thursday, March 19, 2009

Traveling Hazards

When you travel all day long on a plane especially, you don't adjust to the time zones very well. It takes a couple of days. This is what happened in Alaska. However, we didn't have a couple of days to adjust. We began working and continued until we left.

Last night, we did a show in Moberly, MO. Then, we drove 3 hours back to Kansas City and went to sleep. We had to fly out at 7am which means that we had to wake up at 4 something this morning. To make matters worse, we are flying to Canada today. Pray that we make it okay. Pray that we miraculously adjust and get some sleep. We have shows beginning tomorrow morning.

I've got to tell you that I'm struggling right now. My body is beyond it's limit. We had to leave the restaurant early the other day in Alaska because I kept almost passing out. Pray that I can make it until we get home late Sunday night. We have three shows tomorrow and one Saturday night. Then, we get to go home.


Anonymous said...

yep me too. i am ready for some sleep and some quality time..