Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running and Resting

I didn't go with Brock to his last two shows. I had Lindsey and Jacob go with him instead. I needed some time off especially since I have to run 23 miles tomorrow for my marathon training. I couldn't do it if I went to the shows.

We decided that Brock can only run half of the marathon. We are simply too busy to be able to train like we need to. Plus, Brock uses more physical energy in the shows than I do. The last reason we decided to have him run the half instead of the whole marathon is that if we get hurt running the marathon, then, Brock wouldn't be able to do his shows that are coming up. Without me the show can still go on, but without him, it wouldn't happen. He is still doing the half which is nothing to sneeze at. He is also coming along to all of my runs and coaching me.

It was so good for me to rest. I was feeling rather rough when I got home from Canada. Now, it's time for Brock to rest.