Friday, March 06, 2009

Rice Challenge

We are giving everyone a challenge for this coming Wednesday. Brock said it really well...

did you know that two thirds of the world lives on less than $2 per day? what would it be like to live on that? what if we could only afford to buy a cup of rice each day? what if we had to live on a cup of rice?

this coming wednesday march 11 is global food crisis day. this is a day that we have an opportunity to give to compassions global food crisis fund and make a difference.

here is my challenge. are you ready?

on wednesday, i want you to take a cup of rice and live on that for a day. call it a fast if you want. i will put it this way, if you can live on a cup of rice for the day then you will have a glimpse of what it is like to walk in their shoes. you will gain some serious perspective. you will realize how blessed you actually are.

the money that you would have spent on food for the day can now be donated to feed people around the world. click here to donate. take the challenge and put your money where your mouth is. this is the rice challenge.

on monday at 5pm i will be at chatting live with all of you who would like to join me. i want to hear from you and talk about ways we can make a dent in the food crisis.

the rice challenge will begin wed march 11. spread the word by linking here or copy and pasting this post onto your blog.

2 comments: said...

Auny, I love this challenge. Kylie and I are going to take it up, and we are encouraging our friends o do the same. Thank you for bringing light to a VERY important subject!

Barbara said...

i'm on it too.