Saturday, March 21, 2009


The shows went really well here in Canada yesterday. The school shows were great! The students remind me of West Coast kids only milder. They are a little more difficult spiritually. It reminds me of Washington state here. You can tell the Christians from the non-Christians. There isn't a question as much like there is in the States. Canada is a post Christian country and you can tell. They aren't as receptive to the gospel of Jesus. However, many still responded. They weren't as hostile toward Christianity as some were in Washington.

They originally booked a show for tomorrow only. After it sold a couple of weeks prior to the show, they decided to book another show last night since we'd already be there for the school assemblies. We gave away 250 free tickets at the schools and many came. The place was packed out last night! It really was great.

Today, Brock is going fishing with a fisherman here and I'm going to run along the sea walk here. I'm excited about that! I like to run different places. Then, we have one more show tonight and we are flying back home all day Sunday. Pray that the show goes well tonight.


Michawn said...

hey, i've been meaning to ask you...running in all these different places, how do you know how far you've run without a pre-measured course? do you have a 'ticker' that you wear that tells you how far you've gone, or do you just know how long it usually takes to run a mile, for instance, and so you just time your run and go by that? just curious.

also, can you tell us again when you are running your marathon. i'm super impressed. i'm up to running 30 minutes at a time. the longest i've ever gotten up to is 5 miles (one hour). i cannot even almost imagine running as far as you are running. awesome!

AUNY said...

We have a long run every week (some longer than others). Then, the other two days of the week, we run for time anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. Our timed runs are easy to do on the road. We try to do our long runs at home. If we can't do that, we simply run for the time it usually takes to run that long. For example, if we run 6 miles, we run for an hour because that's how long it takes us to run 6 miles (when we get past 6 miles, we don't run 10 minute miles anymore). We haven't had to run more than 6 miles on the road so that's worked out well. It's been difficult to keep up with our training schedule on the road though. I try to make sure that I get at least 2 runs in a week.

Dewayne Holmon said...

Hey Auny,
I know this sorta random but i guess i just didn't know who else to turn to. I am from your father's church in Shepherd and i am not sure if you remember a kid by the name of Lacey Holmon, but hey thats me. I was the first person your father baptized after he became the pastor of FBS. Unfortunately I have not the had the pleasure of going there regularly for almost 4yrs. I go when I am home, but that is not all that often considering Im in the army.
Currently i am in Iraq and i had some questions on faith and related topics that i wanted to discuss with you and Brock. Brock was the first person to come to mind when i was researching something and i felt compelled to look at his website and found your link...So why you? Well the odds of a message being read on his myspace seemed low considering yall are pretty busy and I am sure he gets quite a few a day. So i figured i would go to his boss, the wife. Besides I am more familiar with you than him. Anyways, please hit me back soon at my myspace or on here and i will respond shortly.
Keep up the running and hope you made it home safely.

Anonymous said...

Praying you have made it safely home today - we loved having you in Campbell River and can't wait for you to come back again someday! If I knew you were going for a run Saturday would have loved to come along with you! Keep up the training! You guys are an inspiration in many ways.

(the one at the church lunch with the baby - don't expect you to remember though as I know, you meet LOTS of

AUNY said...

Lacey, the problem is that I don't have a myspace. Maybe you could try and contact me through Brock's myspace.