Friday, June 25, 2010

Feeling Better

Tuesday and Wednesday I was feeling rather puny. I found myself not having any energy. In fact, I was in bed most of the day both days. I had that same ole symptoms of not wanting to do anything. Brock knew something was wrong when me, the beach queen, wanted to go back to the apartment as opposed to going to the beach.

Then, Thursday morning, I woke up feeling great! It was the first day since I have been here that I haven't felt weak. I told Brock that I know my parents' church had prayed for me the night before. Thursday morning, several people texted me to tell me that they had felt led to pray for me that morning. The Lord had definitely done some healing!

Even my eyelids have looked better! A nurse here told me to pull down my lower eyelid last week. The lid should be a bright pink. Mine was white. It began looking better yesterday and continues to look better now. Also, more good news is that people have told me horror stories about how iron pills upset your stomach. I have had no problems. I go to the doctor Monday. Maybe she can figure out how I lost so much blood!


Rhonda said...

We were told horror stories about iron pills causing stomach aches and constipation, but I think that is for people who may not need it as much. Becki has taken up to 10 pills a day without any problems because her iron was so low (6.0) with no issues. They never really found out what causes it for her after a lot of tests, but she has been able to keep it up. You are in my prayers!!!