Monday, June 14, 2010

Tales from the Hospital

I was lying on a bed in a new room about to have a camera stuck down my throat to see if there was an ulcer bleeding somewhere down there. They had me hooked up to something that monitored my heartbeat just like in the movies. I realized that the beeping was making me nervous. Of course, that made the beeping speed up. When I moved my arm up to adjust my hair the beeping quickened. I really needed to relax. They were going to put me to sleep before the procedure anyway.

Sleep would be wonderful. In the hospital, everyone tells you to get some rest. That's exactly what I was doing until somebody came in my room at 3am, flipped on the lights and said, "Good morning! Time to take your blood." Now, tell me how you can go back to sleep after you've had a needle stuck in your arm. I was up for a while. Contrary to what you might think, the hospital is not a place where rest comes by easily.

As I laid there looking up at the florescent lights, I realized that I was totally alone. Brock had already left for camp where hopefully I will be meeting him there soon. Mom and Dad were back in my hospital room. I heard the Lord say, "I am with you, baby. I am mighty to save. I take great delight in you. I will quiet you with my love and rejoice over you with singing." At that point, I relaxed.

Later, I was told that I do not have an ulcer. I do have a hiatal hernia in my stomach. They were not too concerned about that because that's not what's causing bleeding in my stool. The doctor ordered a colonoscopy for tomorrow morning.

I happened to be in my room alone for a little bit this afternoon. I actually allowed myself to cry a little. I've been through quite a lot this year (more about that later) not to mention the last 48 hours. I told the Lord that I would like some flowers. Something about flowers now for me (you can read more about that here). A few minutes later, a candy striper knocked on the door delivering me some flowers from my great friends, Rod and Susan. He worked quickly on that!

My nurse came in to deliver the wonderful liquid concoction that I must drink in order to clean me out. My parents and nurse warned me about how disgusting it would be. I am a wimp when it comes to drinks. I really only like water, so I was expecting the worst. Since I was still by myself, I turned down the lights, put my worship music on full blast, and began drinking. I don't know if it was an act of God, or if I just had extremely low expectations, but it was not bad at all! I was done with the drink in no time at all. My nurse was surprised.

Now, we see what we find out with the colonoscopy...


Haley said...

So sorry Auny. We are still praying like crazy for you here. Love you!

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you had some alone time for a good cry... we all need it at times. Things always seem better afterwards. Praying now and that the 4am drink won't be too intrusive!

Amber said...

I've needed to cry a little lately also, I TOTALLY understand! I'm Sorry that you've been through So much this last year:( I'm praying for you and I know the Lord will use all these experiences with both of us to be more compassionate in the future and maybe even help someone through a really trying time! Love you and praying for you!!1

AUNY said...

Thanks, Amber. I think you are right. The Lord definitely has His reasons for allowing us to go through this trying time.