Friday, June 04, 2010

Crazy Car Accident

About 10:30 last night, Brock drove into our driveway. I got out of our truck and turned to close the door just as I heard a car screeching out of control! I looked down the driveway and saw a car flipping several times in our front yard. I immediately began to say, "No! No! No!" Brock and I jumped back in the truck and drove down to the end of the driveway and into our yard parking our car facing and shining light on the accident.

The car was upside down in a ditch in our yard. The car lights were still on and the radio was blaring. A guy was laying on the lawn a few feet from the car. He had been ejected from the car. He was not moving except to try and breath at one point. Blood began to gurgle out of his mouth. It did not look good. I whispered a prayer and then we both tweeted and facebooked people to pray. Right after we did that, the guy came to. He started sitting up.

By this time, all of the neighbors were present but no ambulance yet. It seemed like they were taking a long time. The guy tried to stand up, but our neighbor, Barefoot Billy said, "I'm not trying to be ugly (that's his favorite saying which he says all the time even when he's not being ugly), but you need to stay down." The guy kept calling for Brett. Brock told him that Brett was not there. The guy said, "There he is right there," as he pointed to one of our other neighbors whom was not named Brett.

Brock found a baby seat in the back and fresh milk in a bottle. That made him nervous, so he went to check around the road and everywhere to see if a baby was lying somewhere. Thankfully, the guy was borrowing the car to go to the store really quickly and he was alone. A police officer came on the scene. He asked the guy his name and such. Then, he asked him what day it was. The guy said "Sunday." Since it was Thursday, I was worried that he had some problems with his brain. The ambulance finally got there, and we figured out that he was out of it because he was drunk (that's also why he ran off of the road). Also, he was gurgling up blood because he had broken some teeth. Also, the car was a convertible. It's crazy that he was alive! His watch was thrown several feet one way and his shoe was thrown several feet the other way. By the way, all of that debris is still in our yard. They towed the car away, but everything else is still there except for part of our tree that the car took with it. It was crazy!


Anonymous said...

thanks to the prayers i think we saw a miracle.

Tiffany said...

What a praise that you pulled in a minute earlier and weren't there for him to smash into! I'm praying this was his wakeup call.

auny said...

Exactly. That's what I'm praying. He totaled his friend's car and almost died. I don't know how much clearer of a wake-up call there could be.