Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Something was nagging me as I rose out of bed Monday morning. There was that ounce of dread there. As I carried myself into the bathroom, it hit me. I had to go to the doctor. I have never just loved doctor visits anyway, but this one had a lot at stake. We would find out my hemoglobin counts. I am not sure exactly what that means, but it measures the iron in your blood. Mine is supposed to be around 14 but was at a 5. After the transfusion, it was up to a 10...still rather anemic.

More and more pressure kept building throughout the day. One of the doctors had told me that building my iron up just by taking iron pills would be a slow process. Then, the several women lucky enough to be anemic like me said that it can drop quickly, but building it back up takes forever. I was hoping for at least an 11 or maybe even 12? Brock half kidding said that he was praying for a 13 and a half.

On the drive there, I was so worried that I got very upset and then mad. I was angry that it was going to take so long to build back up, angry that I had such a bad time already, angry that all of this stuff seemed to happen to us all at once...Brock's back, my broken toe, our tax bill, and on and on...Basically I was feeling sorry for myself and angry at the Lord. Suddenly, the Lord's presence filled up the entire car. My anger melted away and an unexplainable peace (you know the kind that only comes from the Lord) took its place.

I decided to listen to a Christian radio station to encourage me for the rest of the drive. I also thought that if I received any bad news, maybe the music would sooth me when I got back in.

I pulled up to a doctor's office that I had never been to in downtown Nashville. There was no place to park! Anxiety was rising in me again. I needed to be early and I was quickly becoming late. Brock had followed me in another car in case he needed to duck out early. He had a meeting later. He parked both cars as I ran upstairs to see the doctor.

The first thing the doctor did was prick my finger to take my blood. Then, they placed me in a room (Brock was in the lobby in case I needed him). As I sat there by myself, I began to wonder what my iron count was. I had been feeling great since Thursday. The nurse came in and said that she wanted to take my blood again. That concerned me. What if it had dropped down again?

Quickly after that, the doctor came in and said that she took my blood twice because she does not know how it could possibly be that high. It was at a 13.5! I told her it was iron pills and a lot of prayer. I am normal again! It's great to be normal after not being normal for so long!

I also had an ultra sound to see if anything was going on in there. Everything has come up normal. We are keeping a steady eye on me, but for now, we are done searching for the problem. We believe that I may have had a parasite that I rid myself of during the cleanse before the colonoscopy. For all we know the Lord healed whatever it was...I am normal!

When I got back in the car, Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable" was blaring on the radio. At that moment, I worshiped my Lord like never before. He had chosen to heal me. I am normal!


Haley said...

Praise Jesus!!! That made me cry! I choose to believe He healed you!

Doris Godbey said...

Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayer!

Auny, no more wasting time with worry! Read Phillipians 4 and obey the message! Do NOT worry, you can be concerned, but not worry!

Really glad to hear the good report!

Love ya!