Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update and Crazy Day at Camp

So, Tuesday, I checked out of the hospital at 2pm, ran home, and began to pack up for Florida where I would meet up with Brock. Everything was such a mess. I began to get slightly overwhelmed but pressed on and took breaks when I needed to. I just thought, "I can rest when I get to Florida." My friends, Jacob and Kayla, whom were planning on going to Florida Tuesday night anyway, came by to pick me up at around 7 and we began the 7 hour drive down to Fort Walton Beach.

I slept most of the way. Then, when we got into our room, it took me a little while to get back to sleep. Then, at 5:15am, I was wide awake (my sleep schedule is so off because of the hospital visit). I felt great! I sort of felt like I did after the Mexico's this high on life after feeling like you almost lost it. I was not planning on going to camp, but I was so bored that I decided to do so. I even took some pillows with me so that I could lay down if needs be. Well, I did not rest. I jumped right back into working.

I did lay down on the floor with my pillows backstage as Brock began to speak. Suddenly, when Brock was in a crucial part of his message, I heard a huge bang. Then, I could tell that Brock was not doing his normal thing. He said to pause for a second because that was distracting. Then, he wrapped up rather quickly and told everyone that we had something for them out the front door. So, everyone piled out.

What had happened was the girl manning the camera passed out and fell off of the camera riser in the back of the room. Brock said to pause for a minute, because at that time she was on the floor, so if you looked back, you would not see anything. Then, in order to get them out the front door so that the EMT could come in the back, he told them that we had something for them out that door. About 90% went out the front door instead of going to the back to see what was going on. Can you see the difference in if Brock would have said, "Please go out this front door so that the EMT can get in the back and help out this lady whom has passed out." About 50% of the people would have gone to the back to see the excitement.

He learned that from the story of a famous magician, Harry Blackstone, in 1942. He was performing in Decatur, IL. He told the audience that for his last trick, it was so big and grandiose that everyone had to go outside to view it. Then, he dismissed each row in an orderly fashion. When everyone got out to the sidewalk, they saw the "trick" that Blackstone was talking about. The theater was on fire! Because of the magician's calmness and quick thinking, he averted panic and saved many lives.

I watched the girl as she was loaded on a stretcher. I really felt for her and prayed for her because that was me last Saturday. She is fine, by the way. They don't know why she passed out, but she is great now. As for me, I overexerted myself yesterday. It left me feeling a little dizzy (nothing like before, though). I am just exhausted by the whole ordeal. So, I stayed at the apartment we are staying at last night and this morning. I feel much better. An update on me is that they think the bleeding that is going on inside of me (I am losing blood somehow) has either stopped or is a slow seep. They did a colonoscopy and scope down my stomach but did not find anything. When I get home, I will have a few more tests done. As for now, I am still rather anemic. So, I have to take it easy and take iron supplements. Pray that we figure this out. Also, pray that I will actually rest. That's not always my strong point. There is a reason that the Lord often whispers to me, "BE STILL, and know that I am God."