Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pics from my Parents' Visit

We ate dinner with the Rileys one night.PhotobucketMom holding Jack and me holding Anna.

PhotobucketBrock and Anna are conversing.

PhotobucketAnna gives her brother a kiss.

PhotobucketBrock and Anna are pals.

PhotobucketUs and the Rileys.

PhotobucketUs having dinner with Uncle Bob.

PhotobucketMom and me

PhotobucketWe went to Rock City.

PhotobucketMom and Dad on their 38th wedding anniversary.


PhotobucketMom was nervous about this skinny walk.

PhotobucketThis short area was difficult for Brock.

PhotobucketMom was nervous about the swinging bridge as well.



PhotobucketWe also went to Ruby Falls.


PhotobucketBrock took a picture like this with his phone and a drop got in the mic and fried it.

PhotobucketMy childhood friends, Tiffany and Kevin, came over one night with their kids for burgers.

PhotobucketElijah found this turtle in our backyard.

PhotobucketThey loved the zipline.

PhotobucketIt was a joint effort to pull Kevin up the hill.

PhotobucketWe played some crazy game called Quelf.

PhotobucketAlso, the entire family tried out the bed of nails.

PhotobucketThen, of course, the hospital visit.




Tiffany said...

It's a good thing you've explained the hospital visit since it came right after the bed of nails photo... Glad you're doing better and we are still praying!

Doris Godbey said...

Great pictures! Glad that Preston and Pam had a good time! Did Elijah "adopt" the turtle or did he leave it???

Certainly glad that you are better! Still praying for your health (as well as Super WOW).

Be blessed!

Love ya!

Rhonda said...

What a great week right up to the end. Even finding out about the iron issues was a blessing to have your family there to help and to be home instead of on the road somewhere. Have fun in Florida!!

AUNY said...

Yeah. I don't know what we would have done without mom and dad there. Elijah put the turtle back.