Monday, September 27, 2010

The Light Bulb Comes On

I recently read an article on sleep. It told the importance of sleep and some of the things sleep accomplishes for the mind. It addressed the reason you wake up in the morning and that light bulb comes on! You pop up out of bed and think, "Oh! This is how to fix that problem!" Studies show that you dream about a problem you had in your day. Your subconscious does not have the limits you have in your conscious such as physics and logic. Therefore, your subconscious tends to find the answer better by not being so constricted in thought.

The other night, we had a friend over helping us install a chandelier we had purchased at the flee market. When we finally had it all hung and ready, I put the light bulbs in. Every one worked except one. I changed out the bulb hoping it was a blown bulb. It was not. The guys took off the covering over the wiring part to look and see if it was still wired up. However, they did not have a voltage meter to know, and the wiring looked good.

Brock and I both went to bed a little frustrated, because we did not know how much of a pain it would be to fix that one light. When I woke up the next morning, I had an idea! I walked into the dining room and placed the bulb in the slot without the covering on. It worked! You see, the covering was too big not allowing the bulb to screw in enough. Since I was the one to screw in all of the light bulbs, it came to me in my subconscious that the one particular bulb did not screw in as well as the others. Maybe the study is true!


Haley said...

Dreams are so interesting! It would be such a fascinating thing to study. Glad your light bulb came on! :)