Monday, September 20, 2010

A Randon Town in Iowa

On our 12 hour drive home from Des Moines, we stopped at this little town in Iowa for lunch at an Indian restaurant there. Since the restaurant did not open for a few minutes, we began walking around the quaint downtown. A car show was set up around the town square. I was excited to see a 1931 Ford because I just read in my Francine Rivers book about the lady driving her first car in 1929. Now, I could picture what she was driving better. I liked that. Brock always enjoys car shows, so it was a great way to pass the time. Also, it gave us a chance to walk around and stretch our legs a little.

While walking around, I noticed a place called the Chocolate Cafe. That interested me. I walked up hoping it was open on Sunday. The door indicated that it would open at noon. Therefore, after we ate, we came back by the chocolate place. We opened the door, but nobody was there. The lights were out, and nobody present, but the door was unlocked. This was so strange. I saw some chocolate that I wanted to try, but what should I do?

I went out of the store and back in a few times ringing the bell extra loudly hoping someone would come in the back. Nobody came. I did not want to go behind the counter, but there was some chocolate displayed on a table in the store. I chose a few pieces of chocolate and left cash on the counter. I rounded up when it came to taxes, so I was more than fair. Brock still teases that I stole the chocolate. I totally could have, but I didn't!

We had a great time in Fairfield, IA yesterday.


Michawn said...

mmm-hmm. i always *knew* you were a bit shady. the truth comes out. :)

Anonymous said...

Apologies for this. Thank you for your honesty, and business. Hope you did enjoy the chocolate. The Chocolate Cafe