Saturday, September 11, 2010

One in a Million Episode #3

How many one in a million episodes can a person have in a week??? As Brock was getting on the plane this morning in Denver, he stopped right inside the door to wait on other passengers to move the line ahead. As he did, he rested his arm on a ledge there. Then, when the line moved, he moved with it and took his seat.

Before the plane left the gate, a flight attendant came over the intercom and said, "Someone has taken one of the flight attendant's cell phones. If you have taken it, please return it." Then, all 4 of the flight attendants went down the aisle looking at everyone trying to find the "stolen" phone. After coming over the intercom a couple more times about it, Brock said he felt as if he were back in grade school. Then, the lead flight attendant came over to Brock and said loudly and with much accusation, "Did you take my cell phone?" Brock looked at her in shock and began to say that he did not do it, but she turned and stomped off. So, then, Brock had to fly 2 hours with everyone thinking he had stolen this ladies cell phone. She thought that Brock had taken it from the ledge where he had rested his arm earlier.

When he was exiting the plane, the flight attendant who had accused Brock of stealing her cell phone, was telling everyone goodbye until Brock came up. Then, she turned her back on him. Brock said, "Did you ever find your cell phone?" She said no and he asked if she thought he had stolen it. "I know you did," she snapped. She told Brock that she had his name and was going to file charges with the police. Brock then said that she could search him right then and there. She would not do that. Brock asked her if they could discuss this. To which she said no and turned her back on him again. Brock said, "I want to speak to a supervisor." She said that there was one on the floor out of the plane. Then, Brock stuck his head in the cockpit and told the pilot that he needed to see a supervisor. Again, the pilot said there is one out on the floor. Brock said, "I am not leaving this plane until I speak to a supervisor."

They called a couple into the plane. Then, Brock offered them to search him again. The supervisors did not do that. They were actually very apologetic. They took down his complaint and told him to email corporate about it. I think they were worried about a lawsuit. That woman behaved so unprofessionally. Brock never raised his voice or got angry. He just didn't want his reputation to be tarnished by being accused of theft when he was completely innocent. The thing is, she probably found her phone later in her purse or something. It was just crazy! I'm elite status with this airline, but I am beginning to wonder if I should use a different one.


Robbie Poe said...

Good lord. I hope it wasn't southwest!

Haley said...


AUNY said...

It wasn't southwest. I would be in trouble if it was. We use them all the time!