Friday, September 10, 2010

One in a Million Episode

Wednesday was a crazy day. I was trying to get everything ready to go for the next week and a half. I flew out yesterday to Houston to see my parents. Brock flew out this morning to Colorado to do a show tonight. Then, Brock will be flying here Saturday to meet up with me and perform at a church in Houston Sunday morning. Sunday night, we will fly to Memphis because we have shows there beginning Monday morning. Someone will be driving our truck to Memphis. Then, we will drive to Missouri Tuesday in order to perform 3 shows there Wednesday thru Friday. Saturday, we will drive from Springfield, MO to Des Moines, IA in order to perform there that night. Sunday, we will make the 12 hour drive home.

I makes my head spin to think about it. So, I was having to get the truck ready and packed for the trip next week plus get all of our fly stuff in order. The truck was in the shop and we still had some of our stuff that had gone to Rock the Light in another location. All of this was throwing a kink in my plans and making it seem impossible to get it all done Wednesday. However, we knew we would get the truck back by 6 o'clock Wednesday evening. My plan was to get the truck and the rest of our stuff and quickly pack it all up that night.

As I was packing our clothes (which is not an easy task at this time of year...shorts or pants?...both), Brock came into the bedroom laughing saying, "We lead a crazy life." When he said that, I sighed and waited to hear what had happened. When Brock says that, it means that the chances of something like this to happen are about one in a million, but they happened to us. Those one in a million episodes seem to happen often to us.

Come to find out, our truck was on the lift at the shop. This had never happened to them before, but the lift broke. It fell rather quickly at first but then slowed down a bit, because it was in a bind. The mechanic that was under it was able to get out (thank God) and some other mechanics were able to get some jacks up under it to keep it from falling all the way down. They told Brock that the truck had a dent in it, which they would fix, but the door still closed. The only problem was that they could not get it off of the lift. It was stuck on there. They were scratching their heads trying to figure it out.

My plans were all halted at that point. Luckily, they were able to get 2 tow trucks in and maneuver it down by about 6 o'clock. The dent was not bad at all. I think the mechanics were more freaked out than we were. They saw it all go down. Plus, they probably have those one in a million happenings once in their lives. We were able to get our truck and get all packed up that night!