Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wilson County Fair

We went to the Wilson County Fair the other night. It was awesome! Dan Myer (one of the only sword swallowers in the world) went with us to see another sword swallower at the side show there. It was amazing! Here's some of the things we saw:

PhotobucketOf course I had to ride the tilt-a-whirl.


Michawn said...

remember this?

i'm not familiar with the norm in the states...been forever since i've been to a circus of fair that had the motorcycle trick. 6!! 6 motorcycles in one of those little things.

the kids watched the sword swallowers...they were like, 'oooh, mama...that's dangerous, isn't it mama?' :) i'm like, yes, please never do that. :)

AUNY said...

Yeah, you guys went to the real circus! We just got a teaser at the fair.

Anonymous said...

Those motorcycle riders have lost their ever loving minds!!! Please tell Brock not to get any wild ideas. Pleeeeease!