Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shows and Flights

The shows in Texas Sunday morning went well. Then, we hopped on an oversold flight from Houston to Atlanta where we would change planes to get to Memphis at 10:20pm. There were so many people on the flight that they could not fit all of the luggage in the storage bins above our seats. They had to check the last 50 passengers bags. That took so long that we were late leaving the gate. When we got to Atlanta, we had 19 minutes to get from our row 25 out of the plane and from the first terminal to the last terminal to catch our next flight. I already knew we were going to miss that flight. Panic began to rise in me because this was the last flight out and we had a show in Memphis at 9:40am!

We hurried off of the plane and began running. I looked at the monitor to see if our flight was still at E30. It was, but something on the monitor gave me some hope. That flight had been delayed 15 minutes. We still had to run to the tram. While we were helplessly riding the tram, I was checking the time constantly. We ran to the gate and were the absolute last people to get on the plane. We barely made it before the door closed, but we did not have time to do dinner. Oh well! We made it to Memphis!

After getting to our hotel at 11:30, we slept as much as we could before our big day. Monday morning, we left our hotel at 8:15 and got back at 10:30pm after setting up and performing 3 shows. Wow! We were tired, but the shows went well.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading about it! Praying for you guys.

Much love