Monday, September 06, 2010

A Quick Answer to Prayer

Saturday, we had just finished performing at a side stage at Rock the Light. We had performed on the main stage the night before. During that set, our mic went out for good. Our other mic problems had been some freaky battery issue or it was the church's mic or system that had gone out. However, this time, it was our mic, and it was permanent. We have to get a new mic before we do our next show this Friday. I didn't know how we were going to get one in time, especially with today being a holiday.

I was thinking about the mic when Brock interrupted my thoughts by saying, "I need to lay down. I cannot breathe." He had not been this bad since right after his accident. Plus, it's been over 3 months. The doctor said that it would take 8 weeks to heal. It's been way longer, and Brock is still not 100%. At that moment, I could feel my anxiety rising up. How could I get Brock in to see a chiropractor before we left again for shows? Everything felt like it was resting on my shoulders right then. I guess seeing Brock so weak he was about to pass out made me feel like I needed to do something. What could I do? We needed to talk to a doctor. We needed help. I whispered one of those whiny prayers that went something like this..."I don't know what to do, please step in here!"

In the meantime, I was walking Brock to the closest building so that he could sit down or lay down or do whatever to catch his breath. Someone grabbed the door to go into the same building. He turned and said, "Hi!" It was Dr. J, the chiropractor that sometimes is backstage at Christian events. He had adjusted us before. Brock told him that he needed his help right then. Dr. J had his table all set up in the room we were walking into. Relief flooded through my head and began to settle in my heart. The Lord knew when enough was enough. He stepped in just about the time I was about to lose it.

Then, our mic issue; Our mic is very rare. It's the only one that stays on Brock's head while he is doing crazy stunts and such. However, nobody knows where to get a new one of these specialized mics. No sound guy has ever even seen one, except the sound guy at Rock the Light this weekend. He actually helped make the mic. He took it apart and looked at it for me. He told me that he probably soldered the wires inside of that exact mic. He could not fix it, but he has one at his house which we are going to buy. On Labor Day weekend, while every doctor's office and sound equipment store is closed, the Lord brought the two guys that we needed service from to us in nowhere, Kansas!


Tiffany said...

Yea!!! Random people helped!! I love the encouragement of answered prayer.

Michawn said...

that is such an amazing story. love it.

and...what about your book on this subject? what's the story? are you going through the motions of getting it published yet, or is that just something you're not even working on yet?

AUNY said...

I have been trying to write it for about a year now. It's not coming easily. Then, I think about the headache of trying to get it published. I'm not sure what to do.