Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Story about Giving 2

If you haven't read yesterday's blog yet, then, read it first. Of course I didn't say anything to my friend about all of this until I talked it over with Brock, but I felt rather confident about it. Brock is usually the one the Lord tells what to give, because he has such a gift with it. I immediately told Brock all about it. He said, "Sure, let's do it." I began planning how we could send her or the doctor $100 every month for the next year.

The next day, I was wading through the mail that had stacked up so high while we were gone. Somewhere buried beneath credit card offers and bills was an envelop from our county. This was strange to get a handwritten letter from the county, so I skipped all the other stuff and quickly tore it open. The only thing in the envelop was a check for $1,200. On the memo line it said, "Overpayed taxes for 2008." I don't even know what that's about, but we were not counting on it at all. It was out of the blue but very curious timing, don't you think???

Brock said to give it to my friend, and that's what I did! I don't know why the Lord didn't send the money directly to her, but I have my ideas. I think that He wants us to need each other. We are a body and that's how a body functions. Another reason is that if the money came straight to them, do you think she would spend it on herself? If you knew her, you would know that she would spend it on something that her whole family needed or wanted or at least spend it on her kids. Another reason is probably that he wanted to give me and Brock the joy of giving it to her! The Lord is so sweet!

Please pray for Brock's show tonight. It's at Boston College. They are advertising to students from a few colleges around there. Pray specifically that Brock will know just how to relay His message to them.


Mom in Shepherd said...

Sounds like a good addition to your book.

Haley Frederick said...

Love that! The Lord is so sweet to His children!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so church just did a sermon on how when you give the receiver is not the only one getting a gift so is the giver. How exciting it is to be loved by God. Thanks for sharing.