Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Discouragement Turns to Joy

As many of you know, I was feeling very discouraged toward the beginning of last week. After your prayers, I began feeling much better. Then, by Wednesday night I was so overcome with joy that I had trouble going to sleep!

One thing is that I feel like the Lord is allowing me time to actually be off. Don't get me wrong. The last 10 years have been incredible and I would not change it for the world. However, I have set aside some things in my life in order to do this ministry. The ministry takes precedence over everything, so I have missed out on some family things or community events. Now, I feel like the Lord is saying to go be with family. Join a couple of Bible study groups. Nurture these relationships with friends.

To confirm that, I can go see my family in Florida, stay in a hotel near Brock's sister and family near Christmas, fly to the Dominican Republic for vacation and to visit our Compassion child all for free! Because of all of our frequent flier miles and Hilton Honors points, we are able to do all of this! It's as if the Lord is saying to have fun on Him! We are able to do all of this because of our travel for the ministry.


Steph said...


dont forget ur friends in louisiana on your tmie off! michawn wont be here till mid-december.