Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please Pray

This is the blog my sister, Kay, who is a missionary in Bolivia along with her husband, Trent, posted today...

As many of you know, the main community where our team has been working for the past year and a half is a small village called Qhochumi. A few months back, the guys told the first story that included baptism in it and our “man of peace,” Celedonio, soon after told them that he wanted to get baptized, without even being asked. When the guys tried to make his request a reality, he began to make excuses as to why he couldn’t do it that day, putting it off further and further.

We prayed that this trip Celedonio would put aside all of his hesitations and be baptized along with some other members of the community who have been listening to the stories. However, the guys called this morning and things are not going well. Celedonio told them he is not interested in the stories anymore and doesn’t want to change. The other families that have been learning the stories are working our guys like slaves and don’t seem to be interested anymore either.

Trent and our Quechua friend, Simon, have gone to meet the guys, encourage them, and assess the situation. As you can imagine, we are all confused, discouraged, and sad. What is God’s plan in all of the this? Why would we see God working through His word this whole time only for it to end in nothing?

Please pray for Trent and Simon as they travel and for our guys, Javier, Roberto, and Efrain, who are very, very discouraged.


Rei said...

I will def. pray. Just remember that God's word does not return void. He's got these guys in the palm of His hand.