Monday, October 05, 2009

Shows in New Jersey and Tennessee

The show Friday night in New Jersey was extra intense, because we did the bullet catch. This magnifies my anxiety about the show quite a bit. It also takes it out of me when we do it because it's extra stressful. The audience that night were a bit rowdy. I was so concerned that they would not get quiet in time for the crazy stunt. I was backstage texting people to pray. Then, when it came time to do it, the crowd did get more attentive. The routine went well, and by the time Brock began speaking the message about Jesus, the audience was still. There were 550 in attendance Friday night and 111 gave their lives to Christ. It was worth it!

We flew home Saturday. All day that day my sinuses were really acting up. I thought that maybe I was getting sick even though Brock's sickness had been more about his throat than his sinuses. Then, I realized that I had eaten pizza a few times in New York. I never eat pizza and now am reminded why. I must be crazy allergic to it. I went to bed at 9pm on Saturday night and slept over 11 hours.

I felt much better yesterday but was still just not feeling great. Then, we went to a church in Franklin, TN (where we live) and performed. We only did an hour set, but it was a fun, action-packed hour. We performed at a benefit for Royal Family Kid's Camp. It was a wonderful show for a worthy cause.