Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Suspicious Mail

I received a number of notices in the mail that I had a package that needed to be signed. I called the post office and they said that I MUST sign for it. This got my curiosity up. Usually they would allow me to sign and place a note on the door.

I drove to the post office and picked up the package. It was a small box with no return address only postage from Mexico. My imagination took the best of me and I wondered if the kidnappers had found us. It would not be that difficult to do the way the internet is. I began wondering how big a bomb was.

I looked around the parking lot of the post office. There was a mailman pulling his truck around the back. Another person was casually walking into the store next door. Everything was simply normal yet I might be literally holding a ticking time bomb. However, it was not ticking. I listened.

I peaked inside one of the corners of the box. There was another box inside. The box inside had a picture of a cat on the front...not a likely bomb cover. Still, my heart was racing. I got out of the truck (don't know why that would make a difference) before I opened it. Inside, I found Mexican candy and a note from Barbara!