Thursday, October 15, 2009

Restaurants in New York City

We tried a few different pizza places while we were in New York City...Little Italy in Soho and Original Famous Ray's Pizza. However, I enjoyed Hell's Kitchen Pizza the best. I ate more pizza in 3 days in NYC than I have in the last 3 years. On Saturday of that week, as we were flying back home, I remembered why. My allergies were so bad that I was sick all day. I seem to get that way after I eat pizza. Dairy is not good for the sinuses. No matter how much I love pizza, I am going to go back to only eating it for my birthday once a year.

We also had some very good Thai food. Before we went to NYC the first time, we asked people that had been where to eat. They all said that everywhere was great. This got on our nerves. It's like when we ask the waitress at a new restaurant what to get and she says that everything is good. We soon found out that people were right about NYC. Usually, we like to know where to eat and what to get when we go to a city, but in NYC, we take the advise of my sister-in-law and simply eat as much as we can because it's so good!

This visit to the City we had a unique dining experience. We went to an underground ninja restaurant. It was fun! We went down an elevator and through a dark secret passage way to get to our table. Along the way, a guy jumped down from above us scaring us. The waitresses and waiters were dressed like ninjas and would sneak up behind people and pretend to put some kind of kung fu move on them. The food was a 5-course Asian meal. Often the entrees would come out smoking or with a huge knife stuck through it. It was an unforgettable dining atmosphere!