Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show in Mifflintown, PA

Thursday night, we flew into Pittsburgh and stayed near the airport. Yesterday, we had a leisure morning and then drove a few hours to Mifflintown where our show was last night. On the drive, I saw the pretty countryside of Pennsylvania. We drove through rolling hills with trees marked by fall. The colors where astounding! What a beautiful place.

The show last night went rather well. There were a few ball games that interfered with the attendance, but we still had fun. Two of the people who decided to give their lives to Christ last night happened to be neighbors with one of the members of the church. She had been talking with them about Jesus for some time now. It's cool that she helped make the soil ready in their lives.

Today, we head to Monroeville, PA to do one more show before flying home tomorrow. Monroeville is back near Pittsburgh. Pray that all goes well!