Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Last Week

I went to my friend, Carrie's, house for lunch one day. She cooked a delicious quiche. Here's a picture of her standing by her quiche in her kitchen (like they do with chefs in magazines).

Then, we went to the Cocoa Tree. Here are the Barbara Mandrell boots replica Bethany made with chocolate.

She has two new truffles called pink lemonade and banana's foster.

For dinner club, we went to a new taco shop in Franklin called Oscar's. It was delicious! So far so good with our new restaurants.


After dinner, we stopped by the grocery store. When they began playing a romantic song, Emily began dancing with the large, frog stuffed animal. Maybe I was missing Brock or something, because shortly after, I grabbed the stuffed puppy and began dancing as well!

I went to a chili cookoff at my friends house.
PhotobucketWe tried all 7 different chilis and voted on the one we liked best. I was expecting them to taste a lot alike, but they were all very unique. It was fun!


PhotobucketOf course, Lindsey encouraged eating flaming marshmallows while we were sitting around the fire.

PhotobucketAnd then there was a pumpkin piniata.


Haley Frederick said...

Those tacos look fantastic. And I want to try both of those truffles. They sound like they could be heaven in my mouth! :)

AUNY said...

Someone once told me that I have very good food pictures. Then, I realized just how many pictures I take of food! I get a lot of practice in it.