Monday, May 24, 2010

The Volunteer State

I did not really know what they meant when they said that Tennessee was the "Volunteer state" until the flood happened. They had over 250,000 volunteers the first week after the devastation. That's 25% of the population of Nashville! During the days, the homeless shelters were empty because the homeless were out helping with flood relief. I am not kidding you! It's amazing to see what everyone is doing.

We went to help last Saturday. We went to a neighborhood where 10 feet of water had flown through. As we were demolishing a house, I witnessed one lady break down into tears as a volunteer held her. I later found out her story. Her son died tragically 3 months ago. Then, her house was flooded and she lost everything. She was trying to save some of the memories of her son. What a loss! Please continue to pray for our community.