Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on the Last Post

My friend, Tiffany who lives in Murfreesboro and is great, called Stephanie today (from the last post). The last thing Stephanie said to me was to pray that she got the job at Chick-Fi-La. I have been praying for that! I think it would be great for her to work at such a Christian place, and she would have Sundays off. That leaves her the option of attending Tiff's church. Anyway, she told Tiffany that she got the job! She also told her that the Lord is really working in her life right now. I think so! The Lord gave me a heads up with the whole cash thing a couple of hours previous to even seeing her. Pray that her fiancee will find a job as well. I am so excited that things are changing in her life already!


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