Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out of Options

Something about him really struck me as genuine. His expression looked like a little kid who had been defeated, with no hope. As I drove by, I saw him quickly wipe a tear from his right eye. He didn't want anyone to see the subtle gesture. His sign said, "Good person, just out of options." He was a big, muscley guy whom looked to be about my age. I felt really drawn to this guy. Brock usually knows who to give to and what to give, but he wasn't with me.

I went into the Walmart to purchase what I needed. As I did, I called Brock and asked him what to do. If it were a woman standing on the corner, I would have talked to her immediately. Since it was a man, I did not know what to do. Brock, who has been all into safety since the Mexico incident, said to go and talk with him and figure out what he needs. I was in Murfreesboro yesterday hanging out with my friend, Tiffany. She knew of someone collecting supplies for our homeless community in Nashville. Brock told me on the way over to write her a check to help only I had not brought my checkbook. I had some cash in my wallet. As I waited for Tiffany earlier that day, the Lord told me that I needed to give all of the cash I had. Planning on doing that, it surprised me that they did not want money but tents and sleeping bags. So, after coffee, I went to Walmart to purchase the supplies. That's why I had come. I began to wonder if maybe the cash was meant for the guy holding the sign.

When I got in my car, I formed a plan. I would go and park at the end of the parking lot near where the guy was standing. Then, I could walk over and talk with him. That way, if he was bad news, he could not force his way into my car. Also, my car would not be blocking the road while I talked with him. When I got over to where he was standing, I saw him walking to his car parked closely by and a woman was in his place. "Perfect!" I thought.

I asked her what was going on. She said that her fiancee (they did not have the $100 to make it official at the courthouse) had lost his job at the local factory and all of her clients had decided not to pay her to clean their house anymore. They had searched high and low trying to find a new job, but nothing had panned out. Now, they are living in a hotel room. When I asked her what she needed, she did not say money right then, but a job.

After seeing my parents and Brock help out many homeless people, there was usually a sense of hopelessness with them. They were in a vicious cycle of sorts and cannot get out easily. This girl was different. There was hope of her finding a job. The way she talked made me think she would interview well. I hooked her up with my friend, Tiffany, since I don't know anything about Murfreesboro. I also gave her the cash in my wallet that the Lord had told me to give that day. We exchanged phone numbers as well. Please pray for my new friend, Stephanie.


Haley said...

You guys are such a challenge to me.