Sunday, May 16, 2010

And Another Update

FIRST OF ALL, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE LAST TWO POSTS, READ THEM BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE. My new friend Stephanie (from the last couple of posts) needed some shoes for her new job at Chick-Fi-La. Neither Tiff nor I are her size, so Tiffany posted it on her facebook asking anyone for some shoes they could donate. One lady responded and said that she had some that would be good and comfortable. Tiffany directed her to this blog to read the back story about Stephanie. The lady broke down in tears. She had actually passed the same guy on the way to Walmart the other day. The Lord told her to stop and help him but she did not. That night, she kept thinking about how she missed her opportunity. She begged the Lord to give her another chance. Then, when she saw that she was giving her shoes to Stephanie and realized they were the ones she passed up, she was overwhelmed. The Lord gave her another opportunity to help these people. This also confirms that the Lord is indeed working in their lives. He is putting them on a bunch of people's hearts! Praise the Lord!


Haley said...

Love that!