Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Billy Graham Crusade with Will Graham

All of the shows we did last week were in preparation for the Billy Graham Crusade with his grandson, Will Graham. We spent the day with Will Saturday. We went to this place called Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. It's where Indians used to send buffaloes over a cliff in order to kill them before they had guns. It was very interesting.PhotobucketHere's Brock and Will. He's a really nice guy...very down to Earth. He and Brock bonded over talking about bow and arrows and motorcycles and such.
PhotobucketHere's the cliff.
PhotobucketLittle groundhogs were everywhere!

The show that night went so well! I wondered how good it would be in a big hockey arena in Canada. Would they be able to see very well? Would they get our sense of humor? Yes and yes! Plus, Brock was able to briefly give the gospel and set Will up for when he spoke. I thought they were a good team.


Amber said...

Didn't we meet Will while working that summer @ Ridgecrest??? I have this vague memory of meeting one of Billy Graham's grandson's and Will just seems to ring a bell!

AUNY said...

I think it was him, because the other grandson would not have been the right age. I didn't ask him about it, though. I'm sure he would not remember it.

Mom in Shepherd said...

What was the size of the crowd in that hockey arena?

AUNY said...

I think around 4,000 people or more. I'm not good with numbers.