Friday, May 07, 2010

Malls in Canada

We went to three malls in Canada. One was a mills mall in Calgary. Since our mills mall is underwater right now, we decided to go to the one in Calgary. I split up from the guys because they wanted to browse the Bass Pro shop, and I didn't. Anyway, they had a Canadian chocolate shop which we had previously visited and purchased a certain chocolate bar. I loved the bar, so I excitedly went to get another one. When I got there, I noticed that they were having a sale on that particular bar...3 for $8. I thought I might as well get 3 of them. When am I going to be back here? When we met back up, Brock showed me what he got from the same chocolate shop. He purchased the same 3 for $8 bars. Now we have 6 bars! That was funny!

We also went to West Edmonton mall which is the largest mall in the world. (It's about the same size as Mall of America and is owned by the same people.)PhotobucketThere was a water park inside the mall.
PhotobucketThere was also an amusement park.
PhotobucketJohn and I rode on the indoor roller coaster.
PhotobucketI love roller coasters and this one was unique. I thought it might not be as scary inside, but it was...just a different type of scary.
PhotobucketThey also had a replica of the Santa Maria ship used by Christopher Columbus. Although (I now know) that Columbus didn't sail those boats to North America! I learned that in Santo Domingo! It was a cool mall, though.


Tiffany said...

That's the mall I went bungee jumping in after my transmission broke down on the way back from AK. Fun place!